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Juliana DiVito-The Brand


You may be asking yourself how an elementary school teacher can transition into an efficient communications career—my answer—easily!

Communicating with parents and students daily has ignited my passion for a communications career, specifically for sports marketing. Sports have been apart of my life since I was a baby, however, the athleticism gene definitely skipped a generation with me. This could never deter my addiction for the competitive edge sports bring to its fans.



Although I do not have experience with the communications aspect of sports, I do have plenty of experience with communicating. My charismatic personality has earned me the highest evaluation for my interaction with peers and students. Communicating, especially when representing a sports brand, is all about the tone and message you are sending to your audience. Dealing with a variety of personalities with my profession has helped me problem solve different ways to deliver my goal and present myself to others.

Much like athletes in a game, sports marketing takes a collaborative effort from everyone on a team. This is one of my favorite videos of communication and leadership strategies.


I would love to go back to my roots and help build the Miami Dolphins’ program back up. IMG_6211.JPGWith back to back defeated seasons, the organization is needing a fresh, younger mindset to help earn back its loyal fan base.  It would be my dream to control their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to reach and communicate to a broader audience.

With so much change and growth taking place in my life, I find myself rocking out to this jam lately to keep my motivated.


Social Media 

To learn more about Juliana, the brand, visit my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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