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Taking Over Social Media, 1 Cookie, Dog, and Purse at a Time



Anyone who is familiar with the brand knows Oreo is one of the best in the social media marketing game. Their channels, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and YouTube are all examples of that testament.


Marketing using multiple means of integrated communications (IMC) have been proven to be most effective. This strategy is apparent with Oreo. On their social media channels alone, you see a variety of posts–graphics, GIFS, videos, etc. This is not including their use of communication through traditional media.

The Super Bowl seems to always be a wonderful time for Oreo to shine. Whether its their comical commercial, or their famous tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout.

Oreo tweeted this graphic instantly after the lights went out during the 2013 Super Bowl.


No surprise that Oreo’s largest social channel is Facebook with over 41M likes. Contrary to the heavy engagement on their FB page, Oreo hasn’t posted anything on their Vine since early 2015—making it almost insignificant. Following Facebook is Oreo’s Instagram account with 1.4M followers, then Twitter with 799K, and finally their YouTube channel trails in with about 123K subscribers. Although Facebook ranks as their largest following base, their most active social media channel at the moment is Instagram.

The level of engagement varies on Oreo’s social platforms, but they all use similar imagery formats in their posts. Majority of the company’s posts are shared on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These posts vary from photos, videos, GIFs, but they all keep the same theme—simple and classy. I know, how can Oreos be simple and classy? But, their graphics scream simplicity and cleanness.cbbcikgw0aalsrz

Interestingly enough, their posts never connect their followers to any other of their social channels, or website, other than YouTube. This is the hub for the majority of Oreo’s videos. Whether that be traditional commercials, or short clips.

Currently, Oreo is focusing on their variety of flavors, by using a concept called Wonder Vault. They pitch the idea on their YouTube channel:

Most of the hashtags that are being used currently are #WonderVault and #OreoThin, which promotes their new thin cookie. Oreo is using their Instagram to engage followers in a #WonderVault scavenger hunt. The first vault to appear to release a new flavor was in New York. Posts by Oreo are asking users where a vault should be placed next.

Who knew a cookie could have such an incredible social life?



What’s cuter and cooler than your dog receiving a package full of goodies in the mail? Nothing. Fully aware of this, BarkBox makes sure to capitalize off of the cuteness, with their social media channels. Those channels, listed in order of highest engagement, are as follows:





Google +


Like most brands, BarkBox’s posts consist of articles, photos, videos, GIFs, and links. They use their social platforms for engagement and sale, but they also use other means of communications, such as email. My friend has used BarkBox, and like most retail businesses, she now receives frequent emails with the latest items and promotions.


BarkBox is the most fascinating brand using social media that I have come across thus far. A lot of companies link all their social channels together, allowing one post to show up on multiple platforms, but BarkBox has different themes for each of their social pages.

  • Their Pinterest board is an exact representation of their brand. Some may think that sending your dog a package of treats in the mail is a bit much, and their brand image capitalizes off that rational. Their boards range from Dog Humor, Dog Couture, to Street Style and Dogs.BarkBoxIG
  • Instagram is a platform BarkBox uses to really connect with its followers. The page consists of funny memes and regrams from a variety of IG users. My favorite part of their IG is their bio link to InstaShop. Users can click on their favorite post, and it will connect them to the item in the picture/video to purchase. Their posts always consist of a comical hashtag.
  • BarkBox’s Twitter shares a lot of posts from BarkPost, which consist of articles about dogs—some serious, some entertaining. They also engage their audience with polls and entertain with comical retweets. Unlike Pinterest and Instagram, BarkBox’s Twitter is linked to some IG posts.BarkPostTwitter.png
  • Their Google+ page only has 46 followers, and the last video post was from May 2015. Safe to say the company didn’t find the + in the Google channel.
  • Facebook is the hub for all BarkBox content. The page is a combination of posts from all social channels.

Although different, all the social media channels have the same theme—humor and adorableness. It is clear that BarkBox knows its target market and connects with them by putting a smile on their face with their frequent posts.


Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is a popular bag designer amongst young women, especially college students. Which also means social media marketing is a necessity for this brand.


As mentioned before, retail companies are pro’s at IMC. Vera is no different. The company lures users in with their chic social media theme. Being a twenty-six year old female, I can tell you that the swag they put into their posts is indeed appealing. Once captivated by their social presence, Vera posts flyers, videos, and other graphics to promote their products. This, again, is followed with promotional emails to keep users coming back.


Vera’s most followed social channel is Facebook, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Similar to the other brands mentioned their Google+ page is almost non-existent, as all the posts are links to their YouTube channel.

All of these platforms are connected, aside from Pinterest. Their posts are chic and elegant, and focus on seasonal brands and trends. VeraIGFor instance, a lot of travel plans are about to be executed with Spring Break around the corner, so Vera promoted their carry-on luggage on Facebook, Twitter, and IG. Although there aren’t direct links between all the social platforms, they do connect the user back to Vera’s website for purchase.

However, Vera’s Pinterest is what I find most fascinating. Throughout their page, Vera has “Inspirational” boards for each one of their patterns. Pins in that board act as visuals for what inspired the designer while creating that design. It is truly fascinating and an accurate description of Vera’s brand.



Although many means of communication are necessary to market a brand, in this day in age, social media plays a major role in success. These companies understand that, and it is apparent throughout all their channels.


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