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“Everyone is an Expert About Something.”



As an almost “former teacher”, I find myself very interested in the connection between social media and education. This is how I stumbled upon the social networking site, Learnist.

Learnist was first launched in 2006 to provide high school and college students with a platform to discuss test prep information for the ACTs, SATs, LSAT, etc. After finding minimal success, the site re-launched in 2012 with a broader goal and agenda. This new perspective allowed the site to host information on a variety of topics that users may educate themselves on. Due to the variety in the sites educational topics, there isn’t a mold for Learnist’s target market. The content differs in appeal for many age groups for both men and women. They also reach people internationally, which makes their new partnership with BBC-British Broadcasting Corporation game changing.Learnist

According to Diana Rasavongseuk, Learnit is “…the newest emerging craze, which combines Reddit user content sharing and Pinterest’s broad range of customizing boards.” Learnist is a place for users to gain and find information on a certain topic, and then pin their findings on their custom board for future reference.

In addition to the launch of their updated content, Learnist also had many impactful people jumping on board with them. Olivia Wilde is a curator for Learnist’s premium channel. The premium channel hosts exclusive curators and content and could be pinned to a user’s premium board for $0.99. Olivia Wilde is one of those exclusive curators, who write about her discoveries. As mentioned before, Learnist’s partnership with BBC and the Discovery Channel provide more premium and quality information for the site.

Although the content has broadened drastically, Learnit still stays true too its educational roots. It still acts as resource for educators to use in their classroom to modernize the traditional way of learning.

With a Pinterest feel, I truly believe this social network is continuing to head to bigger and better things. It maintains its educational platform while seamlessly tying in a variety of topics. This creates a large target market, which means many people could find this site’s content useful and appealing.

I tend to always think of retail when considering who benefits the most from proximity marketing, but I can see how Learnist could benefit from the strategy as well. In order to have quality control of the content they are sharing, Learnist must have an understanding of its users. BeachA large influential factor of personal interests relies on location. Learnist could create an app for followers and push market certain articles depending on location. For instance, if I am visiting south Florida, the Learnist app could display articles about beach facts or sun care on my “Popular” feed.

This social networking site would work really well with Twitter and Facebook. People usually use these channels to share articles or information that matters to them. Supplying users with the ability to share an article on Twitter or Facebook, would bring traffic back to the website.

As always, even with specific industry social networking sites on the rise, marketing is best when there are multiple means of communication taking place.






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