Graduate School Artifacts


This week’s assignment required us to follow the the Wedding Portrait & Photography Expo that took place in Las Vegas March 7-9th. The event did plenty of promoting before and during the event using a variety of platforms.

Social Platforms

Most of the promoting for WPPI took place on their Twitter and Facebook. TwitterThe posts that were being shared were similar. The content being posted varied day-to-day, but they were always informative. Leading up the event, there were a lot of tweets about contests, which included many of the event’s sponsors. During the event, there were posts reminding followers about keynote speakers, locations of booths and information that could be found there, and some updates that highlighted the day.

On the last day of the event, the event’s Twitter and Facebook pages posted all the winners of the award ceremony that was held.


Although majority of the event’s live updates were posted through Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #WPPI2016, they also used forms of other social networking.

Two months prior to the event, they posted a YouTube video outlining the print vs. digital competition that would be taking place.

On the WPPI website, they used VIMEO to post a teaser video of the expo.

Finally, in order to allow followers to feel the “live” experience of the Expo without actually being there, the event used Snapchat, Periscope, and Vine.




Aside from social media, the event used newsletters, blogging, and printed ads to promote the expo. Although WPPI’s Instagram did not display much information, they did post the cover of Rangefinder magazine, which had a “Survival Guide” for the 2016 WPPI.


They also retweeted and posted many blog posts that discussed the event. Some postings were originated on their blog, others were retweeted by sponsors and/or followers of the Expo.


Followers and participates also has the opportunity to sign up for the WPPI newsletter, which would provide loads of details about the individual events taking place during the Expo. WPPI event took it a step further with its IMC approach, and created an App for the event. They promoted the app on social media, which is appealing for people participating in the Expo. According to the description, it assists with Expo schedule and will even set reminders for certain events.



The Wedding Portrait & Photography Expo executed an almost flawless marketing strategy when promoting the event. They covered so many basis with different platforms and did an excellent job incorporating multiple means of communication into their plan.






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