Graduate School Artifacts

Reputation Management

One of the largest responsibilities of a Social Media Manager is damage control and reputation management. In most cases, customers will be pleased with their experience, which makes the manger’s job much easier. However, there will be times where there is a dissatisfied customer, and it is important that it is addressed immediately. Below are examples of two reviews of two different hotels. They include my mock responses as I role play Social Media Manager for the two example companies.

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina



Mock Response:

We are extremely sorry for your unfortunate experience with us. I would love for you to experience how wonderful our hotel can be by personally making making sure these incidences to do not happen again. Please contact me directly to discuss this further.

Again, on behalf of Hilton, we are very sorry for the service you received.


Juliana DiVito

Social Media Manager (Pretend position) (Fake Email)

***In order to prevent too much back and forth on a public website, I asked the customer to email me directly, so I can give them a special offer. Here is an example:


I am so glad you reached out to us, as Hilton would love to ensure you a much better experience your second time around. The type of service you described in your review is not an accurate representation of Hilton’s well-known global hospitality. Although we do not have the immediate resources to redesign the rooms, I will most definitely be passing your suggestions along to my manager for future re-modeling, as I can see how those bed frames and untouchable keypad can be very inconvenient.

To show you how regretful we are here at Hilton, we would like to give you the opportunity to witness the true Hilton experience for no cost. Please let us know when you would like to visit us again this year, and I will personally make sure you receive the authentic Hilton experience.


Juliana DiVito

Social Media Manager (Pretend position) (Fake Email)

Hyatt Regency-Orlando


Mock Response:

We are so happy that you enjoyed your stay with us. Those Florida storms can get pretty nasty; however, we will be sure to be more diligent with our clean up–I know I wouldn’t want to swim with debris! Please email me directly the next time you stay with us. I would be more than happy to schedule you another massage at our spa and reserve you a table at Fiorenzo’s–I will personally ensure you are seated in a timely manner this time around. We look forward to seeing you and your family again.

P.S.-Next time try our Cabana’s by the pool. This way your children can enjoy the slide and water activities, while you get some rest and relaxation!


Juliana DiVito

Social Media Manager (Pretend position) (Fake Email)


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