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XYZ Analytics

Analytics are extremely important when deciding if a company’s social media efforts are successful. For this assignment, we are required to analyze a new heating and cooling company in Western Massachusetts. (We will refer to them as the XYZ Company to maintain their annonimity.) XYZ is a fairly new small business that is trying to expand on its social media marketing tactics.

What are am I looking for?

  • Increase in their follower base. Since XYZ Company is a new business, they should be consistently increasing their number of followers.
  • Are followers engaging in the company’s post? I am looking to see if followers are liking, commenting, or sharing posts.
  • Are majority of likes happening on organic or paid posts? Some posts are paid ads by the company, to ensure that Facebook users are viewing the post. This is important to analyze for multiple reasons. First, if the company is paying for ads and they aren’t promoting engagement, then its essentially wasting money. Secondly, if engagement is only taking place with paid ads, the company needs to think of more creative ways to engage with organic posts.
  • Any other trends that stand out; such as, time and content of high engagement posts.

All of these are factors that need to be considered with running and revising social media campaigns.

So, how did XYZ Company perform for the week of March 13-March 17?

Initially looking at XYZ’s engagement for the specified week, their engagment and people reached have decreased, as well as video’s viewed and page likes. The page reached about 8,000 people, yet they only received 5 likes and only engaged about 700 followers. Regardless of their decrease in reach, those reaches are still not engaging and grasping the attention of followers.




As mentioned before, analyzing organic likes vs. paid likes is essential. The majority of  XYZ Company’s likes are from paid ads. The largest peak being in January. Although its good to know the paid ads are being seen, the fact that their highest peak of likes took place months ago is concerning. The lack of organic likes is definitely in need of improvement.


Another interesting key detail lies in the post that received the most likes, which happened to take place out of this time frame–March 1st. XYZ Company posted a promotion that aligned with March Madness (college basketball tournament). This gives some insight as to which type of content is working with the company’s target market.


Lastly, analyzing XYZ’s target market is crucial. According to these stats, XYZ’s target audience consists of more women (56%) who range from 35-44 years old, which is reflective of a large part of Facebook’s target market.



Overall, XYZ’s Facebook fanbase has increased since the company first started. They are doing an excellent job creating multiple social media pages on popular platforms. However, an adjustment in the content that is being posted would help improve their decrease in engagement and likes, specifically organic likes. Summer is approaching, and XYZ needs to capitalize off of the season. Considering their most popular post was a promotion, summer would be an excellent time to execute another promotion or contest.

The most popular time for AC units to stop working is Summer. XYZ could post helpful tips to ensure longevity of units during the summer. They can create a contest that involves clients posting pictures/posts and tagging them in order for a change to win discounted services. They can promote using discounts in exchange for likes and shared posts. Majority of the users accessing the company’s fan page are using their mobile device. This stat gives the XYZ the opportunity to adjust their social site to ensure it is mobile friendly. An example of this would be making coupons “redeemable” with just one click on your mobile device.

Posting more frequently and improving the quality of content by making the posts more interactive will increase XYZ’s struggle with engagement and likes.

More than Just Facebook

All of the ideas mentioned above need to also be shared on all of XYZ’s social channels. Although majority of the people accessing this company are homeowners in their mid 30s and older, it is important to spread the word amongst platforms that may appeal to a different market.

Home maintence usually requires a lot of phone tag amongst the company and client. XYZ would benefit from an email and online appointment system. Ensuring the company’s website is mobile friendly with he option to assign appointments online would be beneficial for the working class. Email confirmations and communication are ideal for clients who work a 9-5 and find it difficult to communicate by phone.

XYZ can also use email blasts to give helpful hints and tips to keep client’s houses cool/heated during the corresponding season. Subscription to these email blasts could be pushed once a client is already established.

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s summer–it’s hot–it’s expensive! Summer months could be brutal on an AC system, especially after its been running hard after a frigid winter. XYZ can benefit from this warmer season by executing an IMC approach. Being a small business, it is important to get the community on your side. The company could initially promote their services by sending flyers to local neighborhoods. The flyers would act as a gateway to their Facebook page, by encouraging people to like their FB page for local deals and coupons. Once on the Facebook page, user would be prompted to provide their email so the coupons could be sent to their mobile device. Now potential clients are set up for email blasts.

Social Media is excellent for many company’s campaigns; however, some homeowners may not be fond of the new technological era, so its important that everything isn’t digital. Flyers should include the company’s contact information to ensure people outside of the target market do not become frustrated with the all online approach.

XYZ has loads of potential. With a few tweaks, the company could be running a flawless and successful marketing campaign.





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