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IMC Plan

**For this assignment, I created an IMC plan for the Orlando based family law firm–Murphy & Berglund**

Company Analysis

Murphy & Berglund is a family law firm based out of Orlando, Florida. The law office has an all female staff revolved around two award winning attorneys: Jodi E. Murphy and Michelle A. Berglund. Jodi & Michelle 2- 2013.jpg

Services the firm offers are Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Defense, Estate Planning, Guardianship, Family Law, Legacy Planning, Probate, Medicaid & VA, and Qualified Domestic Relations Order. The target market for these types of services are broad, but mostly appeal to those dealing with family related legal matters.

Murphy & Berglund has done an excellent job covering all major social media channels.

Once on the firm’s website, it is clear their brand goals revolve around helping families during their most difficult times, as well as embracing women empowerment with their all female staff. They even include monthly newsletters that highlight events for the month, or helpful tips. With that said, in order to ensure their threats [other family law firms in the area] do not have the upper hand, there are more opportunities for their social media content, as well as their other marketing communications.

Considering their target audience consists of people struggling with family issues, being comfortable, relatable, and competent are three characteristics that would be appealing to potential clients. Living in such a digital era, all businesses, including law, need to ensure their content can be accessed across all mediums. There are many law firms for people to choose from, and in order to stand out from the rest of the competition, Murphy & Berglund must execute an Integrated Marketing Communication plan.

Kieth Ecker does an excellent job of outlining the importance of law firms embracing IMC for business development. He discusses the best ways to incorporate IMC include social media, storytelling, content marketing, and SEO.

Law firms have more barriers with social platforms than companies who are selling tangible products. However, IMC is still as relevant and important to the success of their marketing plan and strategies. Many law firms are contacted through findings on people’s search engines and online websites. In order to stay a leader of other law firms, social and SEO content must be up to date and accessible. Following an IMC plan will allow Murphy & Berglund to be accessible and popular on all means of communication channels; broadening the radius of community the company is reaching.


The family law firm should anticipate an increase in followers, social engagement, and business with an increase in their IMC efforts. As I have stated before, I am genuinely impressed with Murphy & Berglund’s presence on social platforms, especially Facebook. Marketing is always evolving, so changes are always a necessity, especially with IMC. With a few additions and revisions to their marketing plan, Murphy & Berglund Family Law could easily be the top family law firm in the Orlando area.


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