Movie Reviews

Mix Movie Reviews: The Accountant

By Juliana DiVito

The Accountant
★★1/2 out of ★★★★

The Accountant is nothing short of intense (and far-fetched), but its multitude of plot twists should keep viewers captivated. You’ll be filled with horror and humor at the same time with its complex characters.  However, the accountant lingo and curve balls tossed out quickly require your full attention. If not, there’s much to be left unanswered.

It should come as no surprise that Academy Award winner Ben Affleck crushes his role as the dark and disturbed, yet highly-intelligent, Christian Wolf. Wolf is a complex man who is adept at crunching numbers for high-profile (and highly-dangerous) clients. However, his lack of social awareness and acceptance creates tension within his household at a young age, warranting paternal parenting techniques that will leave you conflicted. Affleck brings to the role indifference, despair, and compassion all intertwined, creating moral dilemmas for viewers. Compassion for a guiltless murderer? Troubling, isn’t it?

Any distractions, such as reaching down for more popcorn or opening your bag of Raisinets, can create major confusion. Between the flashbacks to Wolf’s childhood and constant mathematical decoding, the film’s scenic flow is often interrupted. The film’s action scenes tend to bring about a sense of distortion that may leave your mind jumbled with more than just numbers.

Anna Kendrick makes a rare appearance in a thriller as Dana, a clerk for a robotics company. Although Kendrick impresses with her transition into an action film, the storyline of Dana and Wolf just leads to more head scratching. Their onscreen relationship has sweet and tender moments, but those moments are short-lived due to Wolf’s awkward, and sometimes demonic, disposition. You may find yourself rooting for a relationship between an innocent math nerd and a murderous (yet compassionate?) accountant. Again, more conflict!

Let’s be honest, no Affleck film could be truly bad (well, maybe Gigli) and adding self-proclaimed comedian Kendrick to the mix only sweetens the deal. The actors deliver, but the storyline falters with usual unrealistic thriller tendencies. Far-fetched action+attempted romance+comedy…just doesn’t add up in The Accountant.

The Good: Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick bring the intensity and awkwardness to their characters flawlessly.

The Bad: Too much, too fast, equates to too many unsolved questions.

Final Word: The Accountant isn’t the greatest movie to hit theaters this year, but it is certainly not the worst!



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